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Describing INOXPA as a global company with local roots summarises the values that we stand for

Founded in Banyoles, Spain, INOXPA is a renowned and long-standing business group specialised in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel fluid handling components and equipment, management of processes and services in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed INOXPA to enter the global market without compromising its product quality or customer relations.

 Production centres

Production centres

distributed all around the world, affording the company great flexibility

INOXPA has centres distributed all around the world, affording the company great flexibility. This helps to establish synergies which, in turn, balance the price-quality relationship and allow the group to enter into high-potential emerging markets. This coordination with other countries, in addition to providing more competitive prices, allows the Banyoles headquarters to dedicate more time and resources to innovation, a factor which differentiates INOXPA from its competitors.

Engineering centres

Most of INOXPA´s growth has been based mainly in Europe

INOXPA´s conceptual design and search for solutions are activities centred in ISF (Chambly-France), ISM (Chisinau-Moldova), IDS (Thiene-Italy), ISV (Valencia-Spain), Inoxpa India (Pune-India), Inoxpa South Africa, apart from our centre in Banyoles.

INOXPA worldwide

Globalisation has removed boundaries and led to the creation of a single, highly competitive global market

The fundamental objective of this international trading network is to remain in constant contact with the customer and to adapt in situ to customer requirements, given that each region has its own specific conditions. One means of developing the company´s strategic plan also involves investing in developing countries which demonstrate a higher rate of growth than European countries, and which, therefore, offer valuable markets in both the medium and long term.


INOXPA offers its customers ongoing guidance

INOXPA promotes technical training and offers its clients training sessions, either personalized or in groups. The experts of INOXPA share their knowledge and experiences regarding our products and their applications.



More than 80% of the company´s invoices are issued abroad

In 2023, the INOXPA group invoiced a total of 103,9 M€. The turnover increased thanks to its presence on the emergent markets. INOXPA is committed to an ongoing investment in research of new products, development and innovation (R&D+i).

In 2023, INOXPA had 782 staff members.



本《道德规范》 规定了 Interpump Group S.p.A.工作人员(包括董事、员工和在公司任职的其他人)在从事商业活动和经营公司业务的过程中必须遵守和承担的道德标准和责任。另外,本《规范》也适用于在公司或其组织单位实际担任代表、行政、管理或控制职务的所有人。

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