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Highly efficient centrifugal pump

Highly efficient centrifugal pump

RV centrifugal pump: gentle product handling

The RV is a high performance centrifugal pump with helicoidal impeller. It is the ideal solution for transferring liquids with high concentrations of suspended solids (up to 60%), which are very difficult to pump with ordinary centrifugal pumps without damaging them.

Due to the helical design of the impeller, the products are pumped in a gentle manner and without clogging. This pump is therefore ideal for pumping whole or cut fruit, olives, mushrooms, orange segments, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, fish, etc.  It is possible to pump solids with diameters of up to 75 mm without damaging them.

The impeller and the body have been designed using an advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool that allows performing complex simulations with fluids.

Its hydraulic efficiency of up to 70% results in lower installed power and reduced power consumption. As a consequence, the process benefits from minimal transfer of additional heat to the fluid and very low noise levels.


The transfer of curd shows the advantages of the RV pump.

Our systems have been installed at the facilities of many important customers.

Once the curd production process is finished, the curd is either transferred from the multipurpose vats (curd vat) to another part of the plant where the curd is moulded, or it is prepared for a subsequent production process. The RV pump is ideal for those cases where the curd has to be transferred at a high flow but with very low differential pressure (< 1 bar) to avoid damaging it.

During the transfer process, the pump does not damage or break the curds nor cause variations in the characteristics of the final product.

The curds can be of several types.The RV is a pump that has proven its suitability for working with hard and semi-hard cheese curds and has achieved optimal transfer performance with pasta filata. It can also be used with Ricotta type cheeses and can even help homogenise the product.


The wine sector offers another possible application of the pump. It is particularly important to carry out the pumping-over of the must as gently as possible to prevent damaging the solids. 




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